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  • Our story 🌹

    It all started at a place my family would take us to it was a magical farm called Tom’s farm that’s where we met each other we were both were very little at the time it was right around the time I was feeding the ducks in the pound when I saw a little boy that was lost an couldn’t find his family so I quickly looked around an noticed a family looking for someone so I grabbed his hand and quickly took him over to them an then I ran away as fast as I could so I didn’t loose my family too then I was walking with my family looking to see if that little boy an family were still there an they weren’t an that was it.. so I thought. As much time went on we met again as young adults an we had no idea who each other was. I was in a relationship an we had our own life’s we met at a church you were a worship leader in youth group an you saw me an introduced yourself I was very charmed by you but I stayed loyal to who I was with at that time an continued my journey as did you. Once I heard you sing it was like I was floating around pillows of clouds in the sky an I could fly. As time went on we saw each other occasionally at church we never talked but the person I was with at the time talked to you on occasion an I remember you saying you went through a bad break up an we both hugged you an that was it. The relationship I was in was so unhealthy that it ended an I thought it broke me but it made me stronger and I’ll forever be grateful for that! I was single for a couple of months an you posted a picture I liked it an you messaged me! Asked if I wanted to hang out an I did! You came an picked me up an we catched up on what happened with me an my ex as well as stuff going on with me I told you everything it was nice to have someone who felt like a warm blanket hugging you when talking about everything an nothing all at the same time. We kept things slow an got to know each other better an it felt so unreal but so real. This connection that feeling of calm an peace just being around him felt like home. As days went on there wasn’t a day after that we didn’t see each other we were constantly with each other! He got around to telling me a story about how he met this angel when he was little an as he’s telling the story I kept thinking why does this sound so familiar an then I realized because it was me an I interpreted him an finished the story an he stood up in shock he said this angel helped me find my parents when I was little at Tom’s Farms an he said he’s been calling that girl an angel cause she disappeared afterwards. We both were so shocked how is that possible! We got goosebumps an told our families an friends an then years later we told that story at our wedding! Now we both have been together for 7 years an married for 5 years ! Us against the world.

  • Enjoy the Journey

    Do you ever find yourself often wondering how long it will take for you to get to your goals cause I do! It’s not easy to except that things don’t happen as fast or when we want them to but realizing that’s ok is the mindset to have. Baby steps at a time towards your goals or maybe big steps whatever it is you will get there! Stop comparing where you are to others you are exactly where you need to be right now. Life is so mysterious we have no idea what’s to come all we do know is what we do with the now. Learn to enjoy an be happy with where you are at this very moment an the faster you will get to where you want to be. Don’t get discouraged my friend you are doing the best you can an that’s all that matters don’t give up keep going! The journey you are on is the journey you are meant to be in may not be exactly what you thought or wanted but it’s yours an there is a reason why you are in it! My heart goes out to the fighters who are still moving forward cause life doesn’t stop for anyone. If you are not doing okay please get up an go outside look around you see the flowers feel the sun on your face an breathe in deep an breathe out you are alive my friend. Enjoy the Journey.☀️🌸

    Love MP

  • Memories I won’t ever forget!

    My dad an I on grandma an grandpa’s swing set!♡

    When I was a little girl my family and I would visit my grandma an grandpa in Utah an I remember every detail of every lil thing from the park down the street to the horses in the backyard to the old wood an grease smell from the garage cause grandpa did woodwork an worked on cars to the smell in the kitchen grandma’s cooking an that ole fashion radio with Johny Cash playing to all her tea pot collections she had on her shelves to the tall green grass an the big pound to fish in down the way to grandpa’s rocking chair sitting on his lap watching Walker Texas Ranger to that old catholic church by the park to that old Antique shop my dad bought me horse shoes at to the fresh air to petting the horses in the backyard an falling in love with them to that swing set in the backyard that was shared with so many laughs an tears to the downstairs basement where my brothers an I played for hours to the laundry shoot that we dropped toys down for fun to grandma getting mad at my dad’s fishes in the refrigerator cause the smell to grandma’s sweet smile an tight hugs to all the pictures on the wall of the whole family an family’s to that wrapped around tree bench in the front yard we sat on just listening to conversations an watching the sunsets to all the different smells but the one I won’t ever forget is that wonderful smell in grandma’s basement that smelled of pine tree mixed with linen sheets to my grandpa’s duck collection in the downstairs basement that we all loved to that tall light post in the front yard that always reminded me of movie/book Narnia to grandmas quilt making room to us all watching fast n furious on that old box tv in the basement before bed to grandma’s hard cookies she stored in the freezer to all her mason jars filled with different jams in the pantry! These are memories I will never forget an will hold dear an close to my heart!

  • Overcoming doubts

    Life is filled with so many unpredictable things that we often feel stuck in the unknown an the what ifs. We let the fear an doubt take over until that’s all that’s left. We forget what it’s like to have hope and faith, it becomes a habit that you get stuck in. I’m here to remind you an to whom ever else is reading this that there is hope, rest, an faith. Coming from personal experiences of feeling all the doubt it is possible to overcome them. Once you come to realize your doubts do not control you, you are on your way to overcoming them. Know that you are not alone in this and you are way stronger than you think you are. Acknowledging your feelings in a healthier way is to not let them consume you. We as humans fall short and give into our doubts and the cycle continues but the one thing that doesn’t change is are Father. Breathing big deep breaths slowly at a time has helped me center my anxiety of doubts. There are so many different helping tools that you can try ! Doubt will always be there it won’t go away but you can either let your doubt control you or you can control it! Whatever it is that calms your soul do that! Try having an open mind with positive thoughts instead of the negative ones it is so easy for us to assume the worst out of things especially when we experience the worst of things but my dear friend not everything we worry about comes to pass! Manifest good thoughts into existence and if you are a prayer like me then pray pray pray. You will get through it may not be exactly the way you wanted it but you will. Seasons change as so do we an life goes on quicker then we think so you might as well start controlling that doubt and show it who’s boss before it controls you. I believe in you, you are not alone you got this ! Now go overcome that doubt of yours.

    Love Makayla A Perez